Bethel Lutheran Church, just north of Frederick, Maryland, is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  We have a long, rich heritage and are celebrating our 175th birthday this year.

Worship with Holy Communion is held every Sunday morning at 11.  Our building is handicap-accessible.  We love to sing and guests are always welcome!

We are located at 9664 Opossumtown Pike, at the corner of Opossumtown Pike and Bethel Road.  If you’d like more information about Bethel, please email info@bethelfrederick.com and we’ll get right back to you.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi PASTOR Karin,

    Congratulations on your Ordination! Sheila shared the good news during one of her always enthusiastic and up-beat Praise Reports.

    I’m sure God has some pretty exciting adventures in store for you!



  2. Greetings,

    I am emailing the Frederick Lutheran churches to find out if this is even possible. I am myself a confirmed Lutheran, and had my second son eight months ago, and want to have him baptized. I had my first son baptized near Columbia, MD, and then promptly moved to Frederick (about two years ago now), and of course I’ve not reached out to any of the churches since then, being occupied by work and kids. But I just found out my mom is visiting from New Mexico THIS weekend, and was hoping to scramble for a baptism of the baby (Ryan) while she is here. Is there any possibility of this? If doing it during an actual service isn’t possible, is a tiny private baptism possible? We could come to the church for it anytime this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday late evening. And I’d make a donation of course in appreciation of your time ($200 sound okay?), especially with this late notice.

    As for more permanent membership, I’m open, but I must be honest that I’d probably be an “infrequent flyer” between the jobs, kids, and the fact that my husband is atheist and feels out of place at church events. Even with all that, I still keep my proverbial toe in the water, including keeping my kids exposed, which is why I want to get the baptism done.

    Please let me know your thoughts, even if the answer is in the negative. Your reply is greatly appreciated.


    Sandra McConnell

  3. Dear Pastor Karin,

    My name is Bob Fout and I’m a cousin to one of your members, Mrs. Ruth Powell. My Rice and other family members once attended your church and are buried in your church cemetery. I’m a long-time volunteer on staff at the Historical Society of Frederick and I’ve taken on a project where I’m photographing the birth/baptism, marriage and death records of some 40+ churches of all denominations here in Frederick County. Ruth has made me aware that the records of interest to me have been sent to the Lutheran Archives in Gettysburg, PA.

    I would love to discuss my project in greater detail with you personally and can be reached here at my home in Frederick at 301-663-4413.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Bob Fout

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